"I was referred to Dr. Maxcy for an existing shoulder injury and was very pleased with the facility, the service and expertise, and most importantly the results. Dr. Maxcy's knowledge and professionalism put me at ease and provided a rehabilitation plan that has proven successful for my injury. I highly recommend Dr. Maxcy and the staff at USA Spine."
                  -Milo T. 

"Incredible, smart, kind, generous and knows what she's doing!!! First time I ever had a small procedure done to my back 3 herniated discs she took the time to go over every little thing with me in and out procedure would definitely recommend her to everyone thank you so much Dr. Colleen Maxcy & her staff!!!!"
                                                                -Jeff R.

"The staff is all so friendly! They really helped me with my lower back and neck after a car accident! Highly recommend Dr Maxcy!"
                                                                                        -Julia G.

"I highly recommend Dr. Maxcy, she is a life saver. I have sciatic joint pain or should I say had. I received my injection by Dr. Maxcy 2 days ago I feel like I have my life back no more pain she's very gentle gets to the root of your problem quickly and solves it. You will not be disappointed make your appointment today and her staff is amazing and very helpful they call you right back unlike some other places."
                                                                -Nicole O


"Dr. Maxcy was amazing. I had a severe disc herniation in L4-L5 and I was advised by two doctors that I needed to have an urgent surgery. Of course I didn't want to believe them and reached out to Dr. Maxcy for other non-surgical solutions. Dr. Maxcy did my evaluation and reviewed my MRI and was very honest with me that my condition was in fact very severe and that anything that she could do would only be a temporary solution before an imminent surgery. I really appreciated her very candid and honest advice and had a surgery performed last week. Dr. Maxcy truly looks out for a patient and not for her own profit. She even offered to write me a prescription for an appropriate mattress to use post-surgery when my surgeon was indifferent about it. I would highly recommend Dr. Maxcy to anyone."
          -Iryna B.